EvoKey Involved In The Promising Huawei Cloud Event

EvoKey Involved In The Promising Huawei Cloud Event

New technological era, this is what the HUAWEI CLOUD City Tour Jordan 2022 conference was talking about. 

On Monday, 26/09/2022, the HUAWEI CLOUD City Tour Jordan 2022 Conference was held in Amman, Jordan, which aims to launch Huawei’s cloud services, and create a program to support startup companies with advanced cloud services and communication platforms, under the patronage of the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship ( MODEE).

The conference talked about the Huawei Cloud business unit that aims to build the cloud foundation for a digital world, and cloud services and solutions that are offered by the Huawei Cloud business, in addition to a lot of cloud products.

One of the conference speakers was the CEO of Evokey, Rawan Nasir, who talked about Evokey as one of the most successful start-up companies, the interesting journey of Evokey, the challenges that face it as a start-up company, and its mission in contributing to the growth of digital economy by supporting SME’s in various sectors.

She also talked about the future plans for Evokey, which will be development in the Web 3.0 applications which depend on using intelligence and blockchain (financial services), she added, that the benefits of Web 3 are mainly the decentralization; which blocks mass databases like Facebook and google giants, also the web 3 increase the trustfulness and permissionless for the users and it increases people connectivity and ubiquity.

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