Product Development

Product Development Services

Evokey is a company that specializes in product development services, helping businesses bring their ideas to life efficiently and effectively. Their experienced team of product development specialists uses the latest tools and best practices to create impactful products that drive results. By customizing solutions to fit each business's unique requirements, Evokey ensures that the final product meets customer needs and is competitive in the marketplace.

Product Development Services

In addition to product development, Evokey also specializes in optimizing platforms for online shopping. They build custom modules for businesses in both the B2B and B2C space, creating E-stores that are perfectly suited to their needs. One of their key advantages is their expertise in integrating payment gateways into E-stores, allowing customers to make purchases directly through the website without navigating to a separate payment portal. Some of the payment gateways supported by Evokey include MEPS, Hyperpay, and Mobicash.

EvoKey Product Development

Self-Checkout System

Is a technology that allows customers to scan, bag, and pay for their purchases without the need for assistance from a cashier. They consist of a touch screen, scanner, bagging area, and payment terminal. Self-checkout systems can reduce wait times, increase efficiency, and save labor costs, which include: 

Cash and carry service is when customers physically visit the mall, pay in cash and carry their purchases. Cash and delivered service are when customers order products online, pay in advance and have them delivered to their doorstep. Both services have their advantages – cash and carry are good for quick purchases and inspection of products, while cash and delivery are convenient for heavy or bulky items and save time. Malls that offer both services cater to varying customer needs.

Delivery Boy System

It includes an ERP system that manages the process of delivering goods to customers from start to finish. The features of this system should include real-time tracking of delivery customers, route optimization, delivery status updates, delivery confirmation, integration with payment systems, analytical features, and advanced reporting. By utilizing this system, companies can facilitate and improve their delivery processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency.

Evo Connect System

Evokey’s Evo Connect is a powerful product development tool that can help companies enhance their business processes and improve efficiency. By integrating a company’s website with their ERP systems and a user-friendly portal, Evo Connect allows employees to easily view products, while reducing manual data entry and improving inventory management. One standout feature of Evo Connect is its ease of use and user-friendly interface, which can help companies save time and money by reducing the need for extensive training.

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Our Product Development Service Include

Product Research
Our team carries out extensive research to grasp the requirements and preferences of your target audience and uncover opportunities for your product. Our research involves market analysis, competitor evaluation, and customer interaction to gather crucial insights that guide product development.
Ideation and Conceptualization
We work with you to generate and refine product ideas and develop concepts that align with your business goals and target market. This includes creating sketches, wireframes, and prototypes that guide the product development process.

Design and Development
We design and develop your product using industry-standard tools and technologies. Our services include creating detailed specifications, designing user interfaces and user experiences, and developing code.

Quality Assurance
We ensure your product meets high-quality standards by testing and validating it, our services include usability testing, functional testing, and performance testing to ensure your product is of the highest quality.

Product Launch
Allow us to assist in introducing your product with a well-designed launch plan. This includes formulating a go-to-market strategy, executing the launch, and developing marketing efforts.

Product Maintenance and Support
We offer ongoing maintenance and support for your product to ensure it remains related, functional, and free of bugs. This includes monitoring your product, updating features, and making other optimizations as needed.

We offer a full suite of Product Development services

We offer a full suite of Product Development services

to help your business turn its ideas into reality. Our experts specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and use the latest industry best practices to ensure successful and impactful product development. To learn more about how we can assist your business with bringing innovative products to market, reach out to us today.

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