MMIS Career Fair: Connecting IT Professionals with Opportunities

MMIS Career Fair: Connecting IT Professionals with Opportunities

The GIZ IT Training Program organized the MMIS Career Fair. At the event, Evokey was represented to provide an opportunity to engage with talented and motivated IT professionals.

What is the MMIS Career Fair about?

The job fair was organized to provide a platform for meeting and networking with graduates of advanced IT training courses who are seeking career opportunities within reputable companies. The training courses were offered by Luminus Technical University College and the Royal Scientific Society and focused on in-demand skills that are highly sought after in the labor market.

What are the events at the career fair?

Throughout the career fair, there were several engaging presentations and interactive sessions that provided valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the field of IT. The event also facilitated networking opportunities that allowed us to connect with highly skilled candidates seeking career opportunities in our industry.

The career fair event allowed firms, including Evokey, to network with bright and motivated IT experts. Several interesting talks and interactive sessions provided useful insights into the latest trends and advances in the field of IT. Furthermore, the event provided networking chances for guests to interact with highly competent applicants looking for career opportunities in the IT field.

What are some of the courses that were offered at the event?

Training courses included topics such as:

  • Machine learning and data science;
  • Web and mobile app development;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Cyber security;
  • ICT sales, among other relevant topics to the industry.

What does the career fair provide?

It gives people who are looking for job opportunities to find jobs while also providing them with  training courses, including the GIZ IT training program, and helping them find jobs at IT companies that are in need of employees. Some companies can provide training and visas for their trainees.

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