Evokey participated in an Information and Communication Technology Event

The National Jordanian Committee for Women’s Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Intaj, and GIZ, held an awareness session for young men and women in the information and communications technology sector with the participation of Evokey. The session took place on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at the University of Jordan.

At the beginning of the session, Mrs. Nesreen Al-Sayyid, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Jordanian National Committee for Women’s Affairs, delivered a welcoming speech. Mrs. Rawan Naser, the Executive Director of Evokey Company and CEO of both Motor Wheels and Evokey, was among the speakers at the session.

Mrs. Rawan Naser began her speech by introducing herself and presenting her professional career, where she owns two startups (Evokey and Motor Wheels). She also discussed the challenges she faced in her life and talked about the available opportunities. She offered advice to young men and women on how to seize opportunities and develop themselves in terms of professional success and supporting women.

The conference covered several important topics, including achieving gender equality in the workplace. She emphasized that women should work because they bring many benefits, including diversity of thought. She also highlighted the importance of empowering women in the technology industry and providing equal opportunities for both genders. The conference also pointed out that empowering women in this sector promotes diversity and contributes to the development of new innovations and solutions.

The conference also included entertaining and interactive theatrical presentations that discussed the challenges women face in the workplace and the difficulties of economic violence. The conference concluded with a speech from Ms. Rita Al-Shanty, the Director of Selection and Corporate Monitoring.

The challenges facing young men and women in entering the technology industry were discussed, such as skills gaps and the insufficient presence of women in leadership positions. Strategies and practical advice were provided to overcome these challenges, including obtaining specialized education, acquiring necessary skills, and participating in training and professional development programs.

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