Evokey participated in the 32nd edition of COMEX 2023

COMEX 2023 Exhibition for Communications and Information Technology is considered one of the prominent technology events in Oman, bringing together technology enthusiasts and professionals from around the world. In this context, Evokey Information Technology Company is one of the prominent participants in COMEX 2023.

Evokey company talks about its participation in the Jordanian Pavilion at the COMEX 2023 Exhibition for Communications and Information Technology, organized by intaj Association with the support of the USAID Business Growth Project in Oman.

Evokey Evolution Key for Information Technology Company was founded with the principle of providing innovative and advanced technological solutions to its clients. The company specializes in software development, digital transformation services, and technical consulting. COMEX 2023 presents an ideal opportunity for Evokey to showcase its capabilities and highlight its innovative solutions to the audience and professionals in the technology industry.

Miss. Rawan Naser, the founder and CEO of Evokey, Mr. Mohammed Abudiab, the founder and technical team leader, and Miss Alaa Ghaith, the sales manager of Evokey, have organized and prepared a booth for the company at the COMEX exhibition to showcase their essential technology services. Thanks to their active role and joint efforts, Evokey team managed to attract the attention of visitors and participants at COMEX 2023, contributing to enhancing the company’s reputation and increasing the interest of potential customers.

One of the distinctive elements of Evokey’s presence in COMEX 2023 is the communication, learning, and promotion platform offered by the exhibition for its business offerings. COMEX provides an ideal environment for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises to exchange ideas and experiences and discover new customers and partners. With Evokey’s presence at the exhibition, the company will have a unique opportunity to communicate with potential clients and build a strong network of business partners.

Evokey also offers its services in the field of digital transformation and improving business operations for companies. Through its participation in COMEX 2023, the company will be able to showcase these services and highlight their benefits to local and international companies interested in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations using technology.

Furthermore, Evokey’s participation in COMEX 2023 has provided an opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in technology and engage with other companies and industry experts. It will have the chance to participate in networking sessions, meetings, seminars, and lectures organized by COMEX, allowing them to expand their knowledge, develop their capabilities, and benefit from valuable shared experiences.

In summary, Evokey Information Technology’s participation in the COMEX 2023 exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for the company to promote its innovative technological solutions and expand its network of customers and business partners. Through its presence at the exhibition, Evokey will benefit from learning and engaging with experts in the technology industry, further establishing its position as a trusted and innovative company in the technology market in Oman.

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