Jordan’s Billing can be integrated for ISTD with ERP Systems by Evokey

Jordan's Billing can be integrated for ISTD with ERP Systems by Evokey


The Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) of the Jordanian government has taken a major step towards incorporating businesses and organizations into the national billing protocol system through the launch of its digital billing platform. The goal of this new national billing program is to streamline and simplify the process of submitting and processing tax returns for individuals and businesses.

Introducing the New ISTD System

The purpose of introducing this system is to promote fairness in law enforcement and simplify the process for commissioners, lower their expenses, and speed up their transactions.

The system aims to benefit consumers by providing regular invoices for purchases and eliminating unauthorized charges. It also benefits sellers and service providers by shifting the burden of proof to the service, making it easier for commissioners to complete and expedite tax audits.

Introducing a comprehensive solution for electronic billing, offering invoice issuance and management, as well as data collection and management for sales and purchases. The system ensures compliance with tax legislation and implements a streamlined approach to billing management.

The purpose of the ISTD is to reduce paper usage, improve organization and arrangement, minimize customer visits, increase productivity, and improve work.

The New ISTD National Billing System and National Billing program

The Benefits of Integrated ERP Systems for Businesses

The electronic billing system streamlines the tax filing process for companies, eliminating paper forms and manual data entry. It provides a secure platform for secure storage and access to financial records, making it easier to monitor payments and manage accounts. Integration with an ERP system delivers improved data accuracy, increased efficiency, and streamlined processes, among the many benefits of integrated management.

The role of QR codes in the ISTD system

The income and Sales Tax Department will also introduce a QR code system for the new platform, providing a secure and convenient way for companies to access their financial records and reports. This feature will enhance the level of security for sensitive financial information and extend quick access to important information.

Registration on the E-billing platform will be available to the commissioners by accessing the Income Tax and Sales Department’s website and logging in with the tax number and password. The department will work to provide support and technical assistance to any sector and any commissioners obligated to apply invoices and comply with the billing system.

ISTD Impact on Customer Service

The integration of an ERP system with the billing platform can help ISTD improve customer service. By automating the billing process, citizens can receive their invoices and payments quickly and accurately. This can help the Income and Sales Tax Department build citizen loyalty and increase citizen satisfaction, leading to improved relationships between the government and its citizens.

The Role of Evokey with integrated ERP Systems

Evokey, with its expertise in integration services, will provide integration services for various systems that companies have, such as SAP and Odoo. This will greatly benefit companies by eliminating the need to input data into multiple systems manually and will help save time and resources. Evokey will also provide integration services for companies that only have an ERP systems. Integrating a billing system with the ERP in Jordan can improve customer service and increase citizen satisfaction.
integration services for Jordan's Billing with ISTD and ERP Systems


This new digital billing platform is a positive step for companies operating in Jordan. It will simplify billing systems, provide valuable insights into financial performance, and facilitate their work with integration services provided by Evokey, the transition to the new system will be smooth and minimize any disruptions to business operations.

FAQs for ISTD and ERP Systems

The ISTD system is a digital billing platform launched by the Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) of the Jordanian government. The National billing system aims to streamline and simplify the process of submitting and processing tax returns for individuals and businesses.

All businesses and service providers in Jordan are required to use the ISTD national billing system. This includes companies of all sizes and independent contractors. Complying with the ISTD system is important to avoid legal penalties and to take advantage of the benefits it offers, such as regular invoices for purchases and expedited tax audits.

Currently, usage of the ISTD national billing system in Jordan is optional for all businesses and service providers. However, it will become mandatory for all Jordanian companies providing goods and services to use the ISTD national billing system in the near future.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a type of software that helps businesses manage their core business processes, such as finance, inventory, and customer relationship management, in a single, integrated system. Integrating an ERP system with the ISTD platform can improve customer service, increase citizen satisfaction, and streamline business operations.

Evokey provides integration services for various ERP systems, including SAP, Odoo and all other ERP Systems to help companies integrate their ERP system with third party systems including ISTD National billing system in Jordan

To register for the ISTD National Billing System in Jordan, you need to create an account on the website managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MOICT), submit an application form with your business and billing details, and provide supporting documents such as your business registration certificate and tax registration certificate. Once approved, you will receive a user ID and password to access the system to issue and manage invoices and comply with the tax authorities.

integration services for ERP Systems with the new ISTD National Billing System
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